Flow Metering Skids

For Custody Transfer Application, using P.D. Meter, Turbine Meter, Vortex Meter, Magnetic Meter, and Multi-Path Ultrasonic Flow Meter.

  • Engineering, Design of Metering Skid
  • Assembly, testing
  • Installation, commissioning & Start-up

Flow Metering Packages

Soham Automation provides total solution for the custody transfer fiscal metering packages for oil and gas industries. Our turnkey solution in this field ranges from design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning. Our success in the field is achieved by our understanding the need and importance of the subject and by being one of the few independent measurement integrators allow as to select the optimum cost effective solution for the application.

Metering Skids

We have integrated metering skids with different types of flow meters like PD meter, Turbine meters, Orifice meters, Carioles meters, Ultrasonic meters etc with different type of master meters and provers for metering proving. Our range of metering skid ranges from 3 line to 48 lines so far, and are capable of doing bigger sizes. Our experts can chose and size different types of flow meters for any application and design the best suited solution based on customer provided information on process conditions and data. Our team of experts in this field can chose different instrument and equipment (like motorized valves, strainers, control valves, piping materials, pressure and temperature instruments, electrical item etc) required for the metering skid package. We do mechanical design and calculations, P & ID, E & I design and installation, fabrication all required for complete metering skid integration.

Main Markets The main markets for the metering systems are oil & gas applications, which include :

  • Production
  • Oil Depots
  • Refineries
  • Supervision of depots
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Gas Production/process units

We have comprehensive experience within the above areas and our team is able to design the most suitable turnkey solution for your specific requirements.

Sampling/Analysis System

All high accuracy metering requires representative quality measurement by sampling and analysis, careful integration of this measurement into the metering system as a whole is the key to accuracy whether it is tand alone or mounted into the metering package itself. Water cut, density, viscosity, vapor pressure, chromatograph and analyzers can all be featured in sampling system. We have experts for the design, selection and integration of complicated sampling system with or without pumps.

Analyzer Shelters

We manufacture Analyzer Shelter with a complete solution individually made to meet customer needs which can range from complete air conditioned and sheltered systems to simple rack mounted analyzers for field installation.

Control Panel and System

We are the masters in the field of panel assembly and system development always have an upper hand in this part of metering package system than any of our competitors. Our experts can configure any type of flow computers to meet any international standard. We build exclusive control panels for fiscal metering system, and can integrate this to any new or existing SCADA / DCS system in the plant. Complete natural gas/Oil pressure regulating & metering skids are being supplied with filters, Isolation Valve, Meters, Safety Shut-off Valve & Regulating Valve. Ideal for individual industrial units and as a standalone unit. Compact, efficient and easy to maintain. Metering Skid for Fiscal/Custody transfer also with all high tech instrument for metering & data recording. Metering Skid with Flow Prover, Flow computer technology. For some applications, Coriolis mass-meters offer a technical solution for metering of difficult fluids. Oils with high viscosity and solids content can harm more traditional meters and fiscal accuracy can be achieved with careful system design. We have grown into a world leader in the supply of systems to meter gaseous hydrocarbon products. Our experience in providing high accuracy metering systems coupled with our expertise in the latest technological developments makes us the leading choice for your metering requirement. Our experience includes the design and manufacture of gas ultrasonic metering systems using 36 meters, as well as systems operating at 10,000psig. Additionally, we manufacture a wide range of gas metering systems including

  • Master meter systems
  • Sampling and analysis systems
  • Metering control systems & supervisory systems
  • Fiscal flow computers

Please contact us for more information about our gas metering systems, capability or to discuss your specific metering requirements

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